Founded in 1958, harmonia mundi is today the oldest independent classical record label in existence. After a series of recordings of organ music, Bernard Coutaz, the founder, offered a contract of collaboration to Alfred Deller, who remained faithful to his record company until his death in 1979. Nowadays harmonia mundi is proud of a vast catalogue that covers all repertories, from early music to the music of the twenty-first century, and of the exceptional loyalty of its musicians, such as René Jacobs, who, after more than thirty-five years working with the label, still records for it alongside musicians of the younger generation. Such constancy and fidelity have earned harmonia mundi a unique place in the world of sound recording.

Latest releases

  • Prokofiev: Sonata No. 6 and Visions Fugitives
  • Prokofiev
  • A Spanish Nativity: Christmas Music by Lobo, Guerrero, Morales, & Victoria
  • De Morales, de Victoria, Flecha, Guerrero, Lobo, Rimonte
  • Rippe - Works for lute 'Un perfaict sonneur de Leut'
  • Albert de Rippe
  • Haydn - Piano Sonatas
  • Haydn
  • In A Strange Land
  • Byrd, De Monte, Dering, Dowland, Philips, Watkins, White
  • Scriabin - Preludes, Etudes & Sonatas
  • Scriabin

Baroque Solo with Orchestra

Baroque Vocal with Orchestra

Folk and traditional music

Oratorio, Passion, liturgical drama

String quartet, wind quartet, etc